Co-operation of Parents

Parents are expected to co-operate in the working of school, in particular by enforcing regularity, punctuality and discipline.
Parent-teacher meetings (PTMs),important calls from the school must be followed by the parents with prompt response.
Ensure that the diary is carried to school by your ward.
Check the student’s diary, homework and class work regularly.
Encourage your child to get ready for school in time children are expected to attend the school neatly dressed in well ironed school uniform,properly groomed hair,nails cut and well polished shoes.The uniform will be checked everyday and if found untidy and improper,the student will be punished or may sent back home.
No child should be sent to school if showing signs of illness,Parents are requested to give the necessary inoculations to their wards.
If your ward is allergic to any medicine or has any chronic ailment like asthma or convulsion. Kindly sent a note to the teacher.
Parents are advised to continuously monitor the wards progress and meet relevant staff at least once a month.
Remarks made in the diary should be seen and counter signed by the parents.
Parents must take away their wards after the school is over. School staff is not responsible for the security of those students who are not taken away even after 15mins of the closure of the school.
Please avoid criticism of the teacher or school in children’s presence, because it causes the students to lose respect for the teachers, with the consequent failure to learn from them.
Parents ,may meet principal, co-ordinators,class teacher or subject teachers with prior appointment (Must be written by parents in the school diary under heading: TEACHER-PARENT COMMUNICATION.
Rude behavior, violence of any kind and forced entry inside the school campus is strictly prohibited, Action will be taken against such parents/guardians who do not abide by the rules and misbehave with the Principal or any teacher/employee Names of such students may be struck off the school register whose parents/guardians are guilty of repeated misbehavior and the decision of the Principal shall be final in all such cases.

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