Duties of the Class Teacher
1. Manage an organized classroom that is conducive to learning and development.
2. Maintains complete and accurate records of each student’s academic and emotional growth. Keep watching and recording classroom based activities and Examination based assessments.
3. Filling details of ‘Present’ and ‘Absent’ remark of students on regular basis.
4. Recognizes the needs of individual students and group at large.
5. Organize and invite physical environment like getting some decoration work done by students in the class, maintaining class room.
6. Handle stressful situations with grace, patience and by understanding it.
7. Completing and submitting the attendance register on the last working day of the month before leaving school.
8. Maintains relationships with parents by communicating on a fortnight basis.
9. Facilitate parent-teacher meeting and providing them written materials as required.
Duties of the Subject Teacher
Duties of School Coordinators
Duties of the examination controller
Duties of the school clerk

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